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Agra Club Limited is a Company limited by guarantee registered under the Indian Companies Act 1913. Presently Agra Club has about 1625 members which comprise of Army & Airforce officers (serving & retired), civil administration and civilian members.

The President of Agra club is rotated with the tenure of one year between the Station commander (Army), Air Officer Commanding and Commissioner, Agra. There is a Annual General Meeting which votes for the Managing Committee and Ballotting committee which has 8 Directors each, the Honorary Secretary. Each member pays a monthly subscription as prescribed by the committee.

Agra Club enjoys the patronage of the elite of Agra town and the members are selected by the process of Balloting which take place twice a year with a formal selection by the Balloting & Managing committee.

Agra Club became a Company limited by guarantee and was registered under the Indian Companies Act 1913 and so the name given was Agra Club Ltd at 191 The Mall Road, Agra.


List of defaulter members for termination the month of sept 2001.

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