Instructions for Members

Follow below mentioned instructions.

Dress Code

  1. Club facilities can be availed by members only.
  2. Kurta Pyjama & Dhoti – Chappals are not allowed in the club.
  3. Polo neck T-Shirts are not allowed in the club. Children up to the age of 10 years may wear Polo neck T-Shirts but Kurta Pyjama & Dhoti not allowed.
  4. No shorts are permitted in the club after 7 PM
  5. Members organizing party in the club are requested to apprise their guests of the Dress Code of the club to avoid embarrassment.


  1. Affiliated club members, his wife and dependent children only are permitted.
  2. Affiliated club members guests are not allowed.
  3. Guests will be accompanied by the members of the club.
  4. Number of guest will be entered in the register at the counter.
  5. Guest coming to banquet hall are not permitted into any other portion of the club.
  6. One guest can be introduced by a member only six times during a calendar year.
  7. Rs. 100/- will be charged as penalty on those members who do not enter the name of their guests in the guest register.


  1. Arms not permitted.
  2. Dogs and pets are not allowed.
  3. Smoking & Chewing Pan or Masala is strictly prohibited in the Billiards and Badminton hall.
  4. Dependents are not allowed to play in Billiards room and Badminton hall after 6 PM.